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A winning business needs compelling PR to drive qualified leads to its doorstep. In the digital landscape, there are abundant opportunities to get favorable media placement. Getting featured in the media will give your credibility an instant boost. But, like everything else on the Internet, news gets buried quickly. Timeliness is key to maximize the value of your press coverage. Content Promo is here to help you get favorable coverage in the media, and leverage it to promote your business and boost your credibility. We take a proactive approach to digital and traditional media placement. We will develop a media placement strategy that fits your business’s needs and goals, and use techniques that drive the best results.

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Content Promo revolutionizes your business approach by ensuring your process expertly captures, segments, communicates with, and converts every potential contact. We understand that traditional marketing often fails by treating all contacts the same, which is why we differentiate between “Suspects,” “Prospects,” “Active Customers,” and “Inactive Customers,” tailoring strategies for each group.

One of our trained professionals will collaborate with you to develop a customized system, sending the right message to the right market at the perfect time. This strategy equals unparalleled sales success.

Benefit of Our Comprehensive Service Setup

1. Personalized marketing automation strategy development.
2. In-depth Marketing System Assessment and Review.
3. Guidance in selecting the ideal marketing automation software or platform.
4. Importing and organizing your contacts.
5. Contact segmentation and tagging.
6. Crafting branded email templates.
7. Support in messaging strategy and creating initial campaign emails.
8. Programming initial campaigns for measurable outcomes.
9. Developing a Lead Scoring and Sales Follow-up Strategy.
10. Setting up all automation rules for a 24/7/365 operational system.
11. Creating Alerts and Notifications to identify prime prospects.
12. Integrating and automating with other programs and services for enhanced efficiency.
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We partner with our clients for success. We’re fearless and innovative—because that’s what it takes to orchestrate and maintain successful digital marketing campaigns in today’s competitive world of business online.
News Media Pacement

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Designing a website is a multifaceted project that involves various stages and considerations. Whether you’re designing a website for a personal blog, a business, an e-commerce platform, or any other purpose


Creating a website sketching plan is an essential step in the website design process. It helps you visualize the layout and structure of your website before you start the actual design and development.

Design Making

Designing a website involves creating a visually appealing and functional layout that aligns with your brand and serves the needs of your target audience.

Product Deliver

Review and approve the website design, including all visual elements, layouts, and responsive designs for various devices Desktop, tablet, mobile

News Media Placement

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